Utah Smoke Bombs-The One and Only-The Original

Pink smoke bomb 60 seconds burn


Don't be fooled by wire pull smoke grenades that malfunction 3 out of 10 times. Our local smoke competitors pull string smoke high failure rate will leave you frustrated and disappointed.

Imagine this: Your younger sister is pregnant with her first child and just had her ultrasound done. She and her husband want to be surprised so the technician at the hospital puts the gender results in an envelope. You are the recipient of that envelope and is the only person who knows what the sex of the baby is. You plan a huge gender reveal party for 30 of your family members, video it and have one person streaming Facebook live and another doing an Instagram reel. You purchase a gender reveal wire pull smoke and when it's time you pull the wire to release the smoke. You wait for a few seconds....hmmmm nothing happens. You wait some more.....still nothing. The pink smoke never came out of the smoke grenade. How embarrassing for you and suffice to say, the party is ruined. 


All of our smoke items are constructed with a fuse that is guaranteed to light 99.9% of the time. Any lighter is sufficient to do the trick. 

Our 9 different color smoke bombs will create vibrant and beautiful smoke effect backdrops. Widely used in wedding, engagement, gender reveal, graduations photographs and videos.