How to do a Halloween styled shoot

How to do a Halloween Styled Shoot

Halloween is the perfect time to host a Halloween styled shoot with your favorite ghosts, witches and of course smoke bombs. Here are a few tips to make your styled shoot Instagram worthy. 

1. Pick up a real pumpkin and scoop out the insides of the pumpkin. Make sure you have carved out a large enough hole on the bottom to put the smoke bomb inside. Cutting the hole and scooping out the pumpkin flesh on the bottom of the pumpkin versus cutting a hole in the top is preferred. It is way easier to put the smoke bomb on a flat surface and put the pumpkin over it instead of trying to carefully insert the smoke through an opening in the top. Simple carving designs with two eyes and a mouth seem to work the best to allow lots of concentrations to billow out the pumpkin. If you carve too many holes, too much smoke will come out and might obscure the pumpkin making it hard to see in your pictures. 

2. An alternative to carving a pumpkin is to grab an inexpensive witch's caldron and insert the smoke bomb in it. With nine different color smoke bombs available, it is easy to match the theme of your shoot. 

3. Grab a Halloween smoke bomb package and have models dressed in spooky skeleton makeup and clothing use smoke as a prop. Smoke bombs can be held and moved around the models to create smoke background. 

Whatever smoke you choose from Smoke Invasion, we would love to see your creativity. Tag us on any of your Instagram posts @smokeinvasion or email us your spooky Halloween pictures to be featured on our website and socials.