Gender Reveal Smoke Bombs

60 second blue gender reveal smoke bomb party
We know how exciting having a baby can be and how you can't wait to find out the gender. Whether your first of fifth, most people want to share the excitement with family and friends. Sometime after 20 weeks, often the expected couple will have a gender reveal party where they let everyone know what they are having.  
Gender reveal ideas range from popping a balloon to color filled dessert to lighting smoke bombs. Whatever you choose, it is always fun to keep the element of surprise till the last second.
Our gender reveal smoke bombs are super easy to light and put off large clouds of vibrant smoke for 60 seconds. The fuse can be lit with any standard lighter. The discrete wrapping makes it so no one knows what color it is until the smoke starts billowing out. 
Inexpensive and always available, you can afford to buy a few gender reveal smoke bombs to experiment with and make sure you get your timing correct.