Why you shouldn't use Wire Pull Color Smoke Bombs

Why you shouldn't use Wire Pull Color Smoke Bombs

If you search anywhere (Google, Pinterest, Yahoo, Bing) for wire pull color smoke bombs, a handful of results will pop up. At first glance, you may think smoke bombs from Smoke Effect or Peacock Smoke are your only options. I am here to show you a less expensive and more reliable smoke bomb.

White Smoke Bomb behind woman wearing white wedding dress

There are two types of smoke grenades: wire pull (ring pull) and fuse (wick light).

The ring pull smokes can be rather complicated to ignite. If you do not follow the exact directions, the ring will pull out and the smoke won't light and you have just wasted your money.  The other smoke companies recommend pulling the wire out to the side and not straight up, but unless those precise instructions are provided, most people pull up. The fail rate on the wire pull smoke is rather high. In our experience when we pulled the wire, nothing happened. No smoke, no pop, nothing.

60 second purple Smoke grenade in background behind couple taking engagement pictures

The pull mechanism contains a type of phosphorus that is known to be an unstable chemical and has been outlawed for use in the United States. Due to the instability it could cause injury to the people who use it. 

Now let's compare the fuse or wick light smoke bombs. This type is the style that has been around for ages. When you shop for fireworks around July 4th, this is often the type that is seen in retail fireworks tents. 

Lighting fuse type smoke bombs is super simple. All you need is a good lighter. I like using a longer barbecue lighter versus the short Bic lighter, but any type works. Hold the end of the wick to the lighter, give it about 3-5 seconds and that is it. You can hold the wick sideways, straight up, upside down even.   

 The wick is held to the cardboard tube with super heavy duty glue, thus eliminating unsafe chemicals. You rarely have to worry about the wick pulling out of the smoke and not being able to light it. The wick can and has been pulled out, but not without the use of some force.

Smoke bombs using a fuse for ignition has a 99% light rate. The only instance where I have seen the fuse not light is if it gets wet. In that case, the smoke canister itself is probably wet and won't work anyway. 

Lastly, due to the simple construction, wick lit smoke grenades are much more cost efficient over the complicated ring pull type. Often prices vary by wick smokes being half the cost.

Engagement Pictures at Salt Lake Salt Flats with purple smoke with lady in black dress and man in black suit

So there ya have it. When you are looking for inexpensive, reliable and safe color smoke bombs for your next photo shoot, wedding picture or baby gender reveal party, make sure to purchase fuse smoke bombs.